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The Peatland Pavilion at the UNFCCC COP26 provides a platform to exchange knowledge and experience of successful action on peatland policy, practice, research and innovation reflecting the value of peatlands and their role as major global stores of carbon, hotspots for biodiversity and cultural value but also in their damaged state, as large sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Our innovative virtual pavilion provides a window to the public and legacy beyond COP26 to carry our message that the world needs to conserve and sustainably manage its peatlands.

We are delighted to be able to offer delegates free access to the Peatland Pavilion online. There are a limited number of conference places available however sessions will be recorded and made available through after the event.

Please note: to get the best experience from the virtual conference platform please use one of the following browsers: 

•   Google Chrome 11

•   Firefox 5 and later

•   Safari 5.1 and above

•   Windows Phone Web Edge * Video calling requires Edge Chromium

•   Chromium based browsers


The following browsers are not currently supported and may not enable access to the conference:

•   Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer


The Peatland Pavilion is a global collaboration between the UN, States, NGO’s, academia, practitioners, business communities and people. It has been created and coordinated by:

Image: Rannoch Moor, Scotland © Derek Fergusson


Start: November 1, 2021
End: November 12, 2021
Peatland Pavilion for COP26

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